Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thirsty Thursdays

Hopefully I am frolicking in some snow right now, but lets be honest I live in Virginia so probably not. Today I am joining my two favorite link ups!

30 Second Thursdays

First up is 30 Second Vlog Thursday!

Next is

Its Ok Thursdays
This week It's Ok:

-That I still feel super awkward when I vlog
-to be really hoping for snow
-that I'm making these margaritas tonight and I plan on drinking the whole batch
-to cry every time I think about my baby turning o-n-e
-that even though I'm hoping for snow I am SOOO ready for summer
-to really want to go to a blogging conference this year even though I'm not a "big" blogger
-to be really thankful for how wonderful all of yall were when I was a little down earlier this week. Thank you so much for reaching out to me!

What are you saying "It's Ok" to this week?


  1. I love Vlogs! It's so fun to see people through the videos. Conferences are for all bloggers and you aren't a newbie or anything!

  2. Heyyyy there, your blog title spoke to me. I'm from upstate NY, living in S.C (soon to be Virginia as well, actually)! My baby girl just turned one on the 12th and it's funny because I cried all.the.time. leading up to it and then on her Birthday, and so far beyond her Birthday (here's to holding strong), I haven't had to deal with any random water works! When's the big day??

    P.s. I really wanna go to a bloggy conference too, but this year is too flippin busy for me to even consider it!

    Swing by and follow along if you'd like, I think we could be bloggy buddies!! Do you not have a "followers" button? I searched high and low...

    1. oops, my bad. it was my computer that wasn't fully loading, following now!!

  3. I agree with you on the blog conference...I'm not a big blogger either, but I think maybe it would help me out on how to make my blog better!

  4. My worst gift was a wedding gift and it was a hula girl nutcracker. I haven't had the heart to throw her away so she lives in our basement. Truly terrifying.

  5. Bahaha, I hate last minute throw together gifts - gotten those a couple of times in my life too.

  6. Hi there! New follower here from your guest post on HMM!
    Love the outfit you put together!! I am a SAHM mom and rarely get out of my pjs/yoga pants. My poor hubby! I've been admiring chambray shirts and think I need to get one!! :)
    I live in VA too!
    Where are you at in VA?

  7. hahhahhaha dying. Nsync Throw. How redick. Although if I was like 9 I probably would have loved it!

    thanks for linking up;)

  8. Ohemgee. A blanket with people's faces on it would give me nightmares!

  9. mmm Margarita!! yum I couled use one right now too!!!

  10. Yesssssssss NSYNC! I bet it was a regift!!

    Check out my blog - I linked up too!!

  11. I was not expecting that...and I snorted out loud...AWESOME gift

  12. OMG I love your "It's OK" series. Reminds me of Glamour's "Hey it's OK if..." So cute!! So glad I found your blog. LOVE! new follower missy.


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