Saturday, January 19, 2013

Argyle Wreath DIY

This was a Guest post that I did for Kym at Travel-Babbles, but I wanted to share it with yall! It's super easy, something that you can throw together while watching some football in the afternoon, and now that Christmas is over I know you'll be looking for a new wreath for your door. Not to mention it's super cheap {always a plus  am I right?}.

Argyle Yarn Wreath
-1 spool of yarn
-1 straw wreath form
-2 pieces of felt (different colors)
-1 spool of ribbon

{Be sure to pour yourself a large glass of wine before you start. Wine always makes crafting better dont you think? I know it can't just be me}
1. Tie the yarn around the wreath form. Then continue to wrap until you reach the desired covered consistency.
2. Cut your diamonds out in the felt. My diamonds arent that great, I'm sure yours will be better.
3. Wrap the ribbon diagonally one way all the way around the wreath. Be sure to keep your spacing even. Then wrap it back the opposite way creating an X.
4. Stick your felt diamonds in the ribbon X's.

Super easy! The longest part is wrapping the wreath with the yarn.

Here is what it started out like:
I only stopped half way through to refill my wine glass. All that wrapping worked up a serious thirst!

Here is the finished product

Enjoy your fresh new wreath for the New Year!



  1. I love yarn wreaths! So fun, and easy to get creative with:)

  2. So cute! I made a Pinterest inspired yarn wreath a few months ago!

    Simple Suburbia


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