Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Basking in the silence

As a mommy I don't get a lot of quiet time. Even being sick the past two days it wasn't exactly your peaceful day of resting. So the snippets of quiet time that I do get mean so much more to me. It's the hour in the morning with BK curled up perfectly in the nook of my body, nursing peacefully, as sunlight starts to stream in through the window. It's the time on the weekends as I curl up on the couch and watch S and the baby sing songs and build blocks. It's the few moments before nap time as BK sits next to me and reads her books. Or the rare times that I venture out alone for a run, or a coffee, or a trip to the mall.

I relish those moments. It's not very often that my life seems to slow down, so I make certain to take full advantage.

Usually I take those moments to read. Reading is a huge escape for me. As I read I actually transport into the settings of the books. It's like a movie in my head. I get to live a thousand different lives. Nerdy? Maybe. But it's my own little oasis. I hope I instill the same love of books in BK. Though perhaps she'll have her own special way to enjoy the quiet. Painting or playing an instrument.


Do you like to read? How do you spend your moments of silence?

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  1. I love to read, although its something I haven't find much of lately, I need to change that. I seem to have had very much quiet time lately either, but when I have it I try and write a letter, do some beading or just sit with a cup of tea and have a cuddle with my cats. I am sure you will be able to pass on your enthusiasm and passion for books to your daughter, I love seeing kids get excited about books.

    1. That was meant to read "it's something I haven't done much of lately", oops!

  2. I'm snuggling Bubba as we speak and wishing my Kindle was closer so I could read :) I need some book recommendations missy! And hope you're feeling better!


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