Tuesday, January 8, 2013

10 months

My dear sweet girl.
How are we already in the double digits? I cannot believe that your first birthday is just around the corner. But that is a post for another day. This month has been so fun. We went on your first real vacation. You traveled perfectly and were our normal angel baby. You got lots of attention and made many new friends. We celebrated your first Christmas and New Years, and I think you thoroughly enjoyed both. You have developed this "fake laugh" when you would like us to pay attention to something that youre doing, and it is hilarious peanut. You are fiercely independent. You like to explore and play on your own for much of the day. On the flipside you have also started to really snuggle me again and you sometimes suffer from some separation anxiety if you arent with mama. {I am quite ok with that, I know this phase wont last forever but I am loving being your favorite person in the world}. You are so smart and so inquisitive, you definitely got your daddy's brilliance. With every day that passes you never fail to amaze us, and we just fall even deeper in love with you. You are the most perfect thing that we have ever done. We love you so much sweet baby. Lets discuss your monthly stats!

Weight 19.04 lbs
Size 3 diapers
Size 6-9 month tops
Size 12 month bottoms {You are the opposite of your mama with your long legs and smaller torso}

Sleep: You take two naps a day & go down for bed around 8pm. You still dream feed once a night, but you dont actually wake up for the feeding.
Eating: You eat three meals of solids a day and one snack. You nurse 2-3 times during the day and once over night.
Food: You love bbq, I mean eat so much, and you got into a peanut butter cup over Christmas and you just about died and went to heaven.
New discoveries: You can clap! You also started making this kissing noise. And you love to unwrap presents!
Accomplishments: We celebrated your first Christmas & it was everything I dreamed it would be. You can stand without holding on, but not for very long. You wave your hands over your head when you get excited & you love to dance!
Places you went: To Jamaica! You loved the vacation & were the best travel baby. You did not like getting sandy though, so you adopted a crab crawl while we were there. It was too cute.
Special friends you made: Everyone in Jamaica was just smitten with you, and you truly make a friend every where I take you. Your bestie Ella Grace came over to ring in the New Year with you.
Babbles: You say dada the most. Other words include: mama, hey, baby, and you try to say "Daisy".

Loves: bath time, chasing me around the house saying "hey" {it is hilarious}, dancing, your new lovie "Lambie", Doc McStuffins, banging blocks, the song It's Time by Imagine Dragons, biting daddy's nose.

Cranks: jet noise, the carseat, and teething.




  1. Such a sweet sweet post. You will be so happy to have this one day friend. Well done mama!!! :)

  2. Such a cutie! I love reading baby updates :)

  3. This post is absolutely amazing - she is so cute and is going to love reading these when she gets older!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. OMG what a cutie!! her cheeks are so chunky! I love it!!! Precious baby girl!

  5. New follower from From Mrs. to Mama! My baby girl turned 10 months old today. :)


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