I'm B. An avid reader, sun goddess, goofball, martini drinker, and sports fanatic.
I'm also wife and mommy to these two beautiful creatures.

S is my fabulous husband. He is a nuclear engineer and the most intelligent man I know, though that doesnt show through in his choice of sports teams. He is my rock and can make me laugh until it hurts with just one look. We're also known to bust out a mean "dirty dancing".
Bk is our sweet angel baby. She will be one in March and I am in complete denial. She is smart, and kind, full of spunk, and oh so funny. The personality that she has would just blow you away. We are truly beyond blessed, and I grow more in awe of her every day.

Rounding out our little family is the fabulous Daisymae. She rocks at life in all areas.

We are wild and crazy and perfectly imperfect. I love our life and wouldnt change a single wild minute of it. I hope you stick around and enjoy the ride.

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