Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mini Messy Project

Yall today is the big day! The Mini Messy Project Reveal!
Mini Messy Project
sooo what is the MINI project you ask?! well if you haven't guessed it yet its allllllll about the mini parts of fashion - the ACCESSORIES...which can also play a huge role in our everyday outfits. Just like clothes, accessories are also worn differently by each person depending on their style, shape, look etc. 
So the MINI project will focus only on accessories....but I don't mean just jewelry - tights, hats, sunglasses, headbands, bows, scarfs, shoes, belts, gloves are alllll accessories as well. The MINI project will run the exact same way as #TheMessyProject however it will only consist of 3 girls, 4 including Kelly & will be starting out at $20.
Like before - 
The Deal
1 Accessory
4 Girls
4 Different Styles
1 Major Blog Day
Our item was this beautiful colorful scarf


I'm not going to lie, I was so nervous about styling this outfit. I am not a fashionista y'all. I really tried to step outside my comfort zone here. So go easy on me. Here is how I wore it:
{Pardon the inside shots. I decided I didnt like the first way I wore this so I restyled, and of course it was rainy & ugly outside all day long}


pants / shirt / cardigan is old
These are the other lovely ladies that participated
Kelly @ Messy Dirty Hair
Celia @ unSimply Celia
Michael @ Crazy, Tragic Almost Magic

So you wanna play too? The MINI project is open to EVERYONE! Just like #TheMessyProject you do NOT have to be a fashion blogger to participate.  The project is already booked for February & there are only 2 spots left for March. Sooooo if you wanna reserve your spot for the MINI project you can email Kelly at with the subject line MINI

Would y'all also please take a quick moment to vote for me? I'm about 25 votes out of the top 25



  1. Arent you a lil cutie!!! I am loving those pants!!!! And that scarf is a great way to add some color during these winter dreary days!!! xoxo!

  2. I love a floral scarf! I love how you styled it, especially with those rockin' pants.
    Penniless Socialite
    Enter to a Target Gift Card!

  3. So cute! Love that last photo of you!! You rocked it.

  4. Cute I actually love the scarf!

  5. you look so cute! i love those leggings on you & how you paired it with converse! so glad you got to be apart of the first mini project!! thank you for all your hard work!! xoxo

  6. Aww so cute! Very fun too. Great job girl!

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