Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year ya'll!

I just love a fresh start. It's probably the OCD type A personality in me. A fresh sheet of paper to start a new list. Fresh sheets. A new day. I love it all. But I especially love New Years. There is something so exciting about a whole year to make completely different than all that came before.

I know there are tons of Resolutions and Goals posts that are going around right now, and I've loved reading them all. I've gotten some serious inspiration for my own ideas for 2013. My favorite that I've seen so far though was done completely different than all others that I've seen so far. I love the way Carly put hers together. She is going to focus on a new aspect of life each month! How awesome is that?

Here is her list.

I'm going to tweak it and reorganize it better fit my life, but I'm super excited about attacking the new year.

Do you have goals or resolutions? What are they?


  1. I sooo love that idea. It reminds me of the happiness project. It's all about starting with a plan. I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for us friend.

  2. Have you read the book "The Happiness Project"? That is basically how the author organizes her year of goals--focusing on one aspect of her life. I think that's such a great idea! I haven't thought too much about what my goals are going to be. Right now the only one I have is to run 500 miles this year.

  3. Love this idea! If I were to do one like this I'd definitely move exercise up way higher than June though :P


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