Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Lost World

Today I am feeling discouraged. I'm sure it is normal. I'm sure all bloggers face it at one time or another. But it sucks.

Over the past week or so I've lost a few readers, and to be honest I'm not sure why.

Is it my poor grammar?

Is it my content?

Is it a lack of giveaways lately?

See I think I'm pretty witty. Most of the time I think I write quality content that can appeal to a pretty diverse audience. I post on the regular.

I dont want people here simply for the giveaways, I want you here because you can relate to what I have to say. I want to interact with you, get to know you. This blog is real and it's raw. It's honest. So I take it personally when that number on the sidebar drops. Probably a little too much, I've always been a sensitive soul. But I want this blog to grow. I want to open new doors and opportunities. Not just for me but for you guys as well.

I have a goal of getting to 500 readers by Brooklyn's birthday. I'm going to get there. I'm going to take these feelings and turn them into motivation.

Time to brush the haters off. ha! {I've always wanted to say that}



  1. oh that stinks. Im sorry I'm usually more of a lurker, I don't comment much. But i dont know why someone would stop following?

  2. Dont be discouraged! You can't please everyone, some may love what you have to say while others may not, but thats okay. Keep doing what your doing, you may lose a few followers, but you also may gain a few. If writing the raw truth makes you happy and feel better thats all that matters, some of us can relate while others may have different opinions. But this appears to be mostly for you and Brooklyn, us readers just get to sit back follow, relate and enjoy :) Keep your head up and you will make it to 500 :)

  3. Don't be discouraged. Sometimes people stop following on GFC because they are following on another site (like Bloglovin). Also, you should be proud! I am only at something around 200 followers and I've been doing this since 2011... You are doing a lot better than me, my friend :)

    Chin up!

  4. People that follow just for a giveaway are annoying. But that's life right? And why have them around if they're not going to care about what you have to say anyway.

  5. I lost a follower today too! Hate when that happens!

  6. That's happened to me a few times lately and I feel the same way. But I figure those are the people who follow just because they want to win something. However, the fact that they take time to go back through and unfollow after a giveaway is over is beyond me. As long as you continue to be true to yourself, don't worry about it!

  7. Blogging, at least for me, is never about the number on the sidebar. When people make it about that, there's a very obvious lack in their content, because all they care about it how they measure up to every other blogger. Your blog is awesome because it is YOU, and your content is fabulous. People who follow simply for giveaways are just silly and it's pretty sad they would unfollow and not give someone a chance. Brush it off and just remember, you're better than them, and so is your blog :)

    {But on that note, I choose not to participate in extravagant, crazy giveaways, because I believe they inflate the number of followers and don't do a blog justice. Followers aren't the same as readers, and I want readers - the great people like you who read my blog daily and comment and want to interact with me! Y'all are the best.}

  8. I'm sorry you're feeling discouraged :( One thing I've discovered about blogging is that readers are more important then numbers - an engaged audience is what counts and I have to say, you're doing a great job here :)

  9. What Melissa said! You never know why someone unfollows--lots of people are ditching GFC so it could just be that!

    On another note, we ALL lose followers, and we ALL feel discouraged sometimes. And everyone has followers who unfollow after giveaways. There are people out there who just want to win things and don't care about actually reading blogs, and that's fine. I still LOVE participating/holding giveaways because it's a great way to get your blog's name out there! Even though you gain some un-interactive "followers" you also do gain real readers as well! So worth it in my opinion! : )


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