Friday, January 25, 2013

Dance Party Friday

Do you ever just feel relieved by the time Friday rolls around? Like I can finally turn my brain off. woo hoo. So today is probably going to be a bit of a brain dump.

*It's finally the weekend and we have a busy one ahead of us. Tonight the inlaws come into town. We have dinner plans tonight, and I plan on making my margarita dreams of yesterday come to life. Plans to clean our horribly dirty garage tomorrow {is that sweet of them or what}. Then tomorrow night we're cooking a super yummy feast of prime rib. #nomnomnom

*Have I mentioned that we have a very b.i.g birthday coming up? I am in full on party planning mode. I think it's safe to say that I'm even worse than with our wedding. Does that make me momzilla? I've started to work with the amazing Kristen of Little Laws Prints to design the invites. This is the proof she sent me. I mean really I die of the cuteness.

   photo milkproof_zps4b6d68c6.jpg
*I read all of the Beautiful Creatures books this past fall and I am sososo excited for this movie to come out in a few weeks. I might get a babysitter and go see the movie as a little Valentine's Day present to myself.
*Yesterday we got some snow flurries. So of course I bundled BK up and took her outside for some pictures. I'm a first time mom, I have to document these things people. This is my cute little snow bunny.
 photo 012_zps5a14ec67.jpg
Then she tipped over.
 photo 010_zps9fccf42a.jpg  
Too.many.clothes. haha.
*Lets hope some actual snow accumulates today. For the sake of BK's photo opportunities.
*Lastly, I leave you with some tunes. Every Friday BK and I start the day with some dancing and this was our first song of the morning. 

What songs are you dancing to today?


  1. OMG I love her in that snow suit!! :) Kristen does such a good job! I adore the milk and cookies! :)

  2. that invite is too adorable! seriously so cute! and she is just the cutest!

  3. OMG those snow suit pictures are way too cute!

  4. love the invitation and BK in the snow suit has to be one of the cutest things ever.

  5. Aww that is too cute, with the big snowsuit! It reminds me of A Christmas story, hilarious!! And the invites totally rock, love 'em!!

    Have you stopped by to see your pretty button on full display? Are the ones on your page rotating, I don't see mine yet :(

  6. omg i love the snow suite pictures!! super super super cute! so glad i found your blog !

  7. Awe B!!! She's so sweet all tipped over.

  8. Oh my!! She is adorable in her little snow outfit!!! :) xo

  9. I second the Christmas Story comment! Totally reminds me of that! So, so cute! Xo

  10. That snowsuit and hat are adorable, and she is just too cute for words. We got a ton of snow today, I'll try to mentally send some of it your way since you want it and I'm kinda sick of it lol. I REALLY want to see Beautiful Creatures. I got the first book for Christmas and haven't had a chance to read it yet but I'm hoping to soon...only problem is I have no one to see the movie with! I hope you get to go!

    New follower. :-)
    ~Marie @ Lost and Found ~ Reflections of a Daydreamer


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