Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ramblings of the rainy day variety

Another rainy, yuck day here in Virginia. So today im rambling.

-They were calling for snow, but we haven't actually had snow in two years. Last year we got "snow days" though, because in the South snow is a big deal and we close everything at the first mention of the word. I never complained though. But today when I was actually excited for BK's first snow we get nothing. I don't know why I'm surprised.

-Last week it was in the 70's. I'm totally ready for summer. Especially after our trip to Jamaica, and my friend Nicholl over at The Chiffon Diary posted a picture of her outfit today and it included a swimsuit. I'm officially jealous.

-tonight the Vampire Diaries comes back on. Wine & the Salvatore brothers is my idea of a perfect night.

-50 Cent was on the show Katie today. I really love him. Is he not the most lovable gangster ever? Though technically I guess he is a reformed gangster.

-I really want some pizza. Like bad.

-I have a goal of getting to 500 followers by Brooklyn's birthday in March. Then I'm going to have a huge extravaganza giveaway. Wanna help me reach my goal?

-Also, have you voted for me yet today? It really means the world to just be nominated, but if I won I'd die. You can vote once a day until January 30th. Thank you so much for your support.


  1. This post solidified that I need to move. I can't handle the snow. UGH!

  2. Love your blog! I read your about section and reminded me if myself. I am a reading addict, I have worked in sports for over 15 years...and my husband has normally good taste in sports, I just abhor the Red Sox. And his nickname is Wiki b/c he too is uber smart...which is awesome, unless you're not on his team in trivia, then it blows;) and I am from Virginia. Ok, think that's it. haha


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