Monday, December 17, 2012


I took an extended weekend off from blogging. Along with the rest of the country I am still attempting to process and cope with the tragedy that struck our nation on Friday. As a mother and an educator I believe that my heart wont fully recover from learing about this atrocity.

I took the weekend to bask in the beauty of my blessings. To be present in every moment I am lucky enough to be given. I truly celebrated my husband and his birthday.

I know that many people are questioning God and his reasoning, it would be a lie to say that I'm not struggling with that myself.  I have, however, continued to pray and seek God despite my feelings. Mostly I pray for the families that lost loved ones. I pray that the community of Newton is able to recover from this event. I pray for our nation as a whole.

Most of us wont be able to personally help or reach out to those affected. But we can make an effort to respond. We can attempt to bring beauty into the world as we process this ugly ugly event. We can pay it forward, commit random acts of kindness, attempt to spread a little cheer. And lets continue to pray and lift up those beautiful people that were lost.

Dont forget the blogging day of silence tomorrow


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