Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Music Makes Me Lose Control...

I dont know about y'all but music is, always has been, a huge part of my life. There are certain songs that can rock me right back to a specific time/place in my past. I love that I can be driving down the road and a meaningful song will come on, and *bam* I'm back to being five years old and belting out Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody with my cousin. It's like stepping back in a time machine, the memory is so vivid.

Now that we have BK I have noticed how much music is already a factor in her life. If she starts to get fussy in the car, put on some music and she will calm. Trapped inside by rain and starting to get bored, just start a dance party. Plus, we sing songs before bed every night. But the coolest thing happened the other day. We were playing on the bed winding down before bedtime, and a commercial for the ipad mini came on where the song Heart and Soul was playing. {This is a song that I have hummed to her since she was tiny} She automatically stopped playing and just stared at the tv with the biggest smile on her face. The recognition was unmistakable. My girl loves her some classical music, she really digs Dubussy too. And it just melted my heart.

So it got me to wondering what music is going to be influential throughout her life. I wonder what genre she will favor, who her favorite artists will be. S and I are pretty eclectic in our tastes, but I wonder if she will have strong preferences?

What songs and artists bring you back to a certain place or time? What music has made a great influence on you? I'd love to know!



  1. You said it, girl!! I find myself listening to my "wedding playlist" on spotify all the time to bring me back to that day. There are so many songs that bring me back to high school too! Love it!

  2. Love this! A song can carry so many memories!


  3. Music definitely always takes me back. Sometimes in a bad way but most of the time in a great way! MDH sent me with your awesome giveaway :)) new follower :)

  4. Hi Brandi!
    I just started following your blog a few days ago and love it. Someone nominated me for a liebster award and I nominated you. The questions are at www.tabertime.blogspot.com

  5. Every time I hear Baba O'Reilly by The Who I think of high school-- it was my ringtone for almost 8 years! Checkout my blog if you get a chance, I just posted a recipe today!


    A Pop of Style

  6. How awesome of course she remembers! Kelcee did that to us with the Beatles song Here Comes the Sun Little Darlin' Greg used to sing that to her in the we hours of the morning and I always have sang Yellow Submarine, You are My Sunshine and yes I also belted out and still do your momma don't dance and your daddy don't rock and roll hahahhaahh! So Music is def a big part in our lives as well! Girl give me a hairbrush and turn on Perfect Day and I will be happy and sunshine-y singing like a loon in a moment, or Cheryl Crow I'm gonna Soak up the sun, or if I really wanna show my age and take me back to my cheerleading days with my bff's that are still my bff's we still to this day joke and play on our message machine on our phone TLC what about your friends lol! So yes your little girl will def love music because you guys do so much! Kelcee will pick Rolling Stones,Beatles and Greg and my song off Mark Knopler any day over any other song it is so awesome! Glad you posted this pretty girl! Now go jump on the bed and sing with that girl of yours, I won't judge I do it too haha!


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