Wednesday, December 12, 2012

9 month BK Update

My baby is 9 months old. How in the world has three quarters of a year already passed? I am starting to plan her first birthday y'all! I wont sit here and sing my sad mama tale to y'all though, I will just give a quick update on how our little cupcake is doing.
18.03 lbs 27 inches
Loves: Dancing (sister girl likes to shake her booty), Music, The T boys, Daisymae, the swings, Christmas lights
Eating: We're still breastfeeding, and you nurse three times during the day and once at night. Plus you eat three meals of solid food throughout the day.
Sleeping: You nap around 10:30 (for an hour or two), again around 3 (for 30 minutes to an hour), and then you go down for the night by 8.
Clothes: You had a growth spurt and moved into 12 month clothes at about 8 months. Shoes size 3. We are still cloth diapering, I'm proud we've stuck with it. On the off chance that we use disposables you are in size 3.
Fun Facts: Brooklyn hates Santa. Fact.
Mommy Moments: I am so proud of what a sweet girl you. You love to snuggle and give kisses. You also LOVE other kids, you just watch them play in amazement.
Firsts: First Thanksgiving was a huge success, and you looked just beautiful in your turkey dress.
Others: You got two top teeth this month! You love to stand, and you're getting pretty daring in taking your hands away from support and trying to stand solo.




  1. She is just precious! I love her Christmas tree! My little girl is almost 5 months!


  2. happy 9 months, BK! what a pretty tree in her room!

  3. Absolutely darling I also have a 9 month old!!! love being a mommy!


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