Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Spectacular

The holidays have hit in full swing around the H household, and with a little one this year I think I have gone a bit overboardextreme. We've done pictures with Santa, pictures with the Grinch, we're doing a book advent every night, and a Santa breakfast, {not including the copious amounts of holiday movies + feetie pajamas + hot cocoa} and we're only ten days into December. So I thought I would do a holiday photo dump.

What holiday traditions do you have? We're always looking to add new ones to the roster!




  1. I love your tutu! OMG I am so getting one when I get this water/steroid weight off of me! We love the movie the Grinch and I got Kelcee this awesome dress custom made on Etsy I will have to email you a picture I'm sure you will love love and a hair bow I had custom made with a gigantic feather curly poof ball in the center that resembles that of Cindy Lou Who my friends say lol! Oh girl it is just beginning! I was the same way and I just kept on and on and on and on until we have so many traditions I can barely keep up but they are oh so fun! One of my favs is watchiing all the Christmas Specials on tv, going to look at the Festival of Lights in two different cities and yes we may go twice to each ha! We love drinking mommy and me hot chocolates from Starbucks, the Charlie Brown Advent Calendar is a huge hit and we have an authentic Charlie Brown Tree for K's room and a light up Elmo lol. We give her a gift every Christmas eve which of course is pajamas I thought you would giggle at that since you say you love to get your girl Christmas PJs as well and Kelcee pretty much wears all festive clothing until Christmas lol. We have made a Gingerbread house every year since she was born even when I didn't read the directions good and the roof fell in the first year bwahahhahha! Your daughter is so cute and so are you and your family! I just love how tickled you are about your little's first Christmas! Girl savor it all! Oh and we bought Kelcee this Jesus ornament and book and the animals make sounds as you read it and we always read Twas a Night before Christmas and we can't forget Marvin lol, when she is older you so have to adopt an elf I will have tons of ideas for you by then lol!


  2. haha! The Grinch! That's awesome. Looks like you had fun! The tradition my husband and I started two years ago was to go to this Christmas store called North Pole City and buy a new ornament. We always get a ball, and we write the year on the bottom! It's fun picking out one together.

  3. Love Whoo ville. am now following you. Hope you will follow back. Have a great day :)

  4. BK's and your Christmas outfits could not be any prettier!

  5. Looks like you've been having a great holiday season so far! I love your white Christmas tree!

  6. I LOVE how you are both wearing tutus!! So priceless ;)

  7. OMG these are the cutest pictures ever! I love the outfits!!! XO


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