Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holiday Clean Up + Guest Post

Today is the last of my amazing guest bloggers! Christina is here to talk about holiday clean up, and lets be honest we can all appreciate new ideas with regards to organization. I swear every year I contemplate throwing stuff away. Yes I'm lazy, I admit it. Y'all enjoy this sweet girl!


Hey, readers! My name's Christina, and I blog over at Behind the Eyes of a Butterfly. The beautiful Brandi asked me to guest post while she's sunning with the Mister and kiddo in Jamaica. LUCKY GIRL!

I want to share some ideas that I have about Christmas Clean-Up! I know, I know, the holiday's barely over. BUT, if you're anything like me, you're already wondering WHAT in the WORLD you're going to do with all these decorations that you bought/crafted/stole from your mom/otherwise added to your collection this year and whether your husband will be a ear and bring those boxes back down to the basement, please & thanks!

Now I admit, in years past I haven't done a very good job at this:



...but this year, I've vowed to do better. Let me share my "plan of action":

DONATE. Anything that you haven't used in a few years, send it to Salvation Army. Yes, even if you think it's hideous - there are tons of bored old ladies shoppers scouring the thrift stores for Christmas knick knacks every year! (Note: DO NOT under any circumstances donate that string of lights that doesn't light. That's just cruel and unusual punishment. You have my permission to throw those away.)

LABEL, LABEL, LABEL. That way your husband doesn't waste time carrying a heavy box up the stairs that contains the Easter decorations. (Sorry, babe!) Also, it makes it a lot easier if you're only decorating one room at a time, have decided to use colored lights instead of white, etc.

YOU DON'T ALWAYS NEED THAT BUBBLE WRAP! Seriously, bubble wrap is kind of expensive. Don't buy it to wrap inexpensive/replaceable items - save it for the expensive/sentimental stuff. Also, you can get creative - last year, I wrapped my Dickens Village pieces in layers of fake snow that I used for the display.

MAKE IT FUN. That way, it doesn't seem like a chore! Put on your favorite Christmas movie for the last time of the season, pour yourself a glass or four of wine, and dance around while you pack everything up!

Hope that this helps you all! Feel free to post your own tips as well - I need all of the help I can get!




  1. I'm with the donating part. Every year I go through all my xmas stuff and figure out what to keep and what goes. Do I really need 18 strands of garland or 20 different santas? Nope. SO they get donated to the goodwill and everything gets packed neatly away in labeled bins. I admit.. in the past I haven't been great at it but last year I really stuck to it so this year I'm hoping to do the same!

  2. I honestly just left Goodwill and Dollar General looking for good deals on Christmas decor for next year. Everything is like $.25! lol. I'll be buying stuff just to store it away for next year!

    Ashley Danielle

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