Thursday, December 20, 2012

Can it be vacation yet...

Lord knows I need this edition of...
Its Ok Thursdays
I'm saying it's ok to...
-the fact that our refrigerator broke {but I refuse to buy another until after we get back from Jamaica} -also due to said broken refrigerator, we are eating out until January 3rd
-just wrapping my first Christmas present last night. ha!
-mailing out a few Christmas gifts late
-being super slack on Christmas cards so now they're New Years cards! Holler at a girl if you want one
-eating more chocolate than "real food" in the past week. My bikini will not be thanking me next week

What are you saying it's ok to?



  1. Well I wish my fridge would break so that I could have an excuse to eat take out every day. And lucky you and your Caribbean travels I am one jealous little lady!

  2. One year I mailed my Christmas cards after Christmas...people didn't get them well into January haha

  3. Take out every day sounds lovely!! I am feeling like its okay to be lazy, watch trashy TV and relax before Holiday Madness begins!

  4. Everybody loves a belated holiday card! I always think it's refreshing after you get so many right away, you get a little break, and then I'm excited to get another one around New Years!

  5. Oh my gosh Jamaica sounds so amazing right now! There's nothing quite like escaping the winter cold to go on a tropical vacation!!

  6. I'm saying it's ok to...
    1. Be excited I have a nice 2 week break from my little friends
    2. Be a little nervous for Monday and the response...
    3. not having all my Christmas shopping done.

    Happy Friday eve friend! YAY for vacation soon!!!!!

  7. new year cards are def the way to go!

  8. That stinks about the refrigerator, but I don't blame ya' for waiting until you return from the vay-cay to fix it/purchase a new one... AND what a coinkydink that you JUST wrapped your presents last night, ME TOO (so no worries, I totally agree with ya', IT'S OK) ;)


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