Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tiny Sailors

Today my real life & blog life best friend is here to post for me. She is hands down the best dressed person I know, she also has the most class. I just love her. She's here to talk baby fashion too, so super plus. Y'all be sure to go by and say hello.

My name is Kay from over at PreppyHouseWife, I am so excited to be guest blogging for my good friend Brandi! I have a serious obsession with nautical clothing and accessories, so I thought what better topic to discuss than nautical baby wear. I never met a little sailor I didn't like.
Nautical Baby Boy
From this rash guard and swim trunks for the beach, to a dressy sai lor suit, to this casual one piece for hanging with mom. The nautical baby boy is ready to go with some of the cutest options out there!
Nautical Baby Girl
The cutest bikini on earth (which I could see on the fabulous little BK), a sailor dress to die for, the perfect bib, and a great one piece for spring. With the nautical baby outfits and accessories out there, babies everywhere will be styling this summer! Thanks for having me, hope to see you soon on PreppyHouseWife! xo Kay



  1. We just had a nautical birthday party for my son & I am still obsessing over every nautical & anchors. these are just too cute@@

  2. That really is the cutest bikini! Love.

  3. Do they make that baby girl bathing suit in adult sizes!? SO cute!

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