Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Smattering of Love

Happy Valentine's Day y'all! Sorry I'm joining my link-ups so late. My mini valentine and I have spent the day b.u.s.y.

30 Second Thursdays

First up it's Thirty Second Thursday! Sorry that I look a hott mess {again} in the vlog. We had just gotten back from running errands and I really wanted to join.

Its Ok Thursdays

Next up is Its Ok Thursday! This week I'm saying Its OK:
-that I'm linking up so very late in the day
-that I spent all day running around and turning our house into Casa de Amor that I tired myself out and instead of the grand feast I had planned we're getting take out
-that the dress I'm wearing tonight is from Gap Kids Girls section
-to have bought two bottles of champagne so that I could have a bottle while I set up for our night
-to be super, super excited about Safe Haven & Beautiful Creatures!

Have a fantastic night everyone!



  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing safe haven but being the book nerd that I am I want to read it first.

  2. 1. You don't look like a hott mess, you're always adorable and 2. That seemed to be the common theme!

  3. Can I be your date to see safe haven?! Love!!!!! And I love you. And BK in the back ground.

  4. I love hearing BK clapping and babbling in the bg!!!

  5. It's ok that I got Jimmy's Valentine's gift on my way home from work in the morning looking like a hot mess in tube-feed soaked scrubs. Right?!?!


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