Thursday, February 21, 2013

Partay Thursday

Hi y'all! Today doesn't feel like Thursday to me. S had yesterday and today off so we've been living the dream.

30 Second Thursdays

Here is my 30 Second Thursday post.


You can also find me guest posting for my beautiful friend Lauran today too. Her blog is fabulous and you should stop by and say hello!



  1. Ryan's a car snob too...but he's one to the max...

  2. I have to say Im a purse snob! Very rarely will you see me carrying around a designerless bag! :)

  3. Your lil one is so stinkin cute! So are you I love your dimble!!
    Nice cars ARE a MUST

  4. Thanks for joining in on FFF
    Your the best
    Have a grat weekend

  5. Hi I have come on over from Life and Lemons and have to say that is one cute baby you have and as for cars I have never been much a car person........which I guess is good since we have never owned a great

  6. Cars, bags, and clothing! It's a problem...


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