Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Friendships After Baby

Yesterday my blog sister, Ashley, wrote a post on friendships after baby. It was really refreshing to read the non-mommy side of things. I thought I might give a mommy's perspective to things. I'll go off of her main points, because I agree with them all.

1. Understand that the things that are important have changed...and be ok with that.
-Yes we are mommies now, our main priority is definitely going to be our small bundle of joy. And {initially} our life is going to be a little crazy. It'll take a little while for us to figure things out, so bare with us. Soon life will be pretty much completely back to normal, minus the tiny human that's our newest accessory.

2. Even though our priorities are different than yours, we still care and want to know what's going in your life...even if it seems petty compared to a baby.
-Sometimes a mom just wants to hear the goings on of our non-mommy friends, we want to live vicariously through you, and we want to have a little "escape" from our mommy routines. But most importantly we still care about you and your life. We might not call as frequently, sometimes we will have to rush off the phone, and we might even carry on a conversation or two with a crying baby in the background. Even saying all of those things it doesnt mean that we arent listening and it doesnt mean that you arent still a priority for us.

3. It is a little harder to hang out...we have babies.
-We wont be able to pick up and go as easily as we once did, more than likely we will be the lame people that need to make plans more than two days in advance, but we still want to hang out. Actually I would say that most moms feel "shunned" at times. People often dont ask us to hang out because they dont want us to feel obligated or they dont want to put us out, but when a lot of people think that way it often leaves us alone. So please dont be afraid to stop by & make plans, you'lll probably make our day.

4. All of the things that you had in common are still there...that doesn't change.
-Yes we will have new mommy friends, yes we will go on play dates, but ultimately we are the same person. I still want to grab happy hour, I still love to shop, I still want to go dancing. Sometimes we might have to have a glass of wine while the baby is in the bath, sometimes dance parties will be in our living room. But sometimes we'll have a babysitter, and we can let loose on the town like nothing has changed.

 Friendships grow and evolve, and adding a little one is just a part of us growing. Babies change things, but they are such great blessings. You never know a baby may be your new best friend.



  1. This makes me so very happy. I love your view on it and can't wait until you can guide me into mommy hood. Love you friend. :)

  2. This post is amazing, I will have to keep these points in mind when my friends start having kids!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. I love love love the "You never know a baby may be your new best friend. " SO true!

  4. I just absolutely love this post. I'm constantly telling my "non-mommy" friends these things. Maybe I'll share your blog with them to help them get it, LOL! Thanks!


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