Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Different Types of Sexy

I was chatting with my best friend a few days ago and we got to talking about our favorite male celebrities. We were having a hard time deciding who was hotter, Adam Levine or Justin Timberlake.

I told her that I had the same problem every Thursday night when I watch the Vampire Diaries, I just cant choose between Damon & Stefan.

After weighing lots of pros and {not so many} cons, we eventually we decided that it was a stalemate... they are just two very different types of sexy. 

There's pretty boy sexy and there's bad boy sexy. One you take home to mama and one you take to the bedroom (well you take them to the bedroom more than you take them anywhere else). I find that I am more attracted to bad boys. Even my husband, he would definitely be classified more bad boy. {I hope that statement helps your street cred baby}

There really is no right or wrong, It all boils down to personal preference. Plus, sexy is sexy right?

I'd be interested to know which type of sexy do you prefer? Do you think there are more than two types?



  1. i'm so obsessed with Adam Levine. his voice is like an angel :)

  2. I gotta agree, there are at least two types and bad boy sexy is pretty tempting.

  3. Adam Levine makes me wanna do baddddd things, so whatever type we'd consider him, that's my favorite kind of sexy! His hot tattoos put him in the "bad" boy category to me, but slap him up right in a suit and he's all "maybe you can take me home to mom." Haha I'm getting outta hand now. :)

  4. Justin is sexier in my book! Plus, he's a funny guy so he gets major sexy points for that. :)

    -- Emily @

  5. Adam Levine ! Yes please! So yummy, he's my hall pass lol Adam is hilarious follow his tweets you won't be disappointed!

  6. Fact: Adam Levine makes me drool. JT is sexy, but I'm all about the bad boy vibe. Show me a guy with tattoos and I'm a goner

  7. HAHA I agree!! Likeeeeeee Channing Tatum is pretty boy sexy but Dylan from 90210 (does that make me old?) Bad boy sexy. I was trying to think of other bad boys but pretty sure I like Pretty Boy sexy more than Bad Boy sexy... I'm lame I guess lol.


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