Monday, March 25, 2013


I'm going to get real honest with y'all, lately I have not had the best experience sponsoring blogs. It's a total bummer too. I mean I shell out my hard earned cash for those advertising spots, so it is really disappointing when people dont follow through with their side of the bargain. The upside to that though, is I know exactly what I want to do for the people who choose to advertise on this little blog of mine.

So with that being said, beginning in April my sponsor spots are going to change. I never want anyone to feel disappointed in choosing to advertise here. One of the greatest perks of the blogging world is the community and how supportive {most} girls are to each other. I know I haven't been on the scene for too terribly long, but I do want to make the most of my little space. So as I go about setting things up for changes I would love your input. What do you want out of the blogs you sponsor? What blogs have you had the best experiences with?



  1. I feel like a lot of blogs has let me down when it's come to sponsoring. I make it a priority to use social media for those who sponsor me (which is 99.9% button swaps) and I read their posts as soon as I can. This post is the second one today that has said you're not happy with the sponsoring of blogs lately.

  2. Well I cannot wait to have you sponsor Hooah and Hiccups... and hopefully, I'll turn that frown upside down. KISSES AND HUGS!

  3. I do not think sponsoring really does much in itself, giveaways and sponsor spotlight posts seem to draw the biggest readership. One of my sponsorships (email me if you want to know) does a great job though!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. Oh I hope you love me when we work together...I think Samantha and I offer some of the best sponsorships because we give the sponsors A LOT (i.e., V-Blate, etc)...not tooting my own horn, but when I was disappointed with past Sponsorships I wanted to make sure I did the most I could for blogs that sponsor me (:

  5. I agree, I haven't been super impressed with a few of mine. Thus, when I started offering sponsorships on my page, I make sure I work it. I wouldn't feel right accepting someone's money for it if I didn't!

  6. Seriously Don't Quote the Raven brings me the highest page views. When she tweets about my posts their page views instantly triple! She brings me the most traffic by far :)
    I have just spent the last forever reading your blog and I loe it? You little one is super adorable :)


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