Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Eight shades of pasty

Y'all, as the fabulous Erin said, I am seriously suffering from winter ugly syndrome. I am seriously eight shades of pasty my skin is so white. I usually keep pretty good color to my skin due to my genes, but the moment I got pregnant with BK that all changed. I have never been so pale!

Since I am trying to live a healthy healthier lifestyle I'm not going to the tanning bed anymore, but I have got to do something. I'm considering getting a spray tan except I'm terrified that I will come out looking like a zebra. I am not the most coordinated and graceful person in the world so I fear that I will miss spots of rubbing in the spray. To be completely honest I havent gotten a spray tan in like eight years, so the technology is probably much better, but it doesnt mean that my coordination is.

Do you get spray tans? Are they easy? Do you use something different?

I dont want to blind people with my whiteness this weekend when some leg is finally revealed, but I dont want to end up looking like the tanning bed mom either.




  1. oh man! that lady "to each his own" - that is what she repeated in her interview! yeah! don't look like that! lol

  2. I'm a new follower, (I actually hopped over from Alexa's blog, HI! :) I don't know where you are located, but I work at Palm Beach Tan (also Planet Tan, I believe). I highly recommend our spray tanning. We use the Mystic Tan and the Versa Spa, and both are wonderful. If you shower, shave and exfoliate before your spray, keep your body free of lotions and such, you should not have streaks or turn orange. Be moderate with your color choice, if you're pale, don't go for dark right away. I suggest the Mystic for a color change, while the Versa Spa is better for a "sunkissed glow". Whatever salon you visit, be sure that they are using authentic solution. Generic solutions can often give you that orange look. Don't be afraid of the spray tan! You can look quite natural with the right products and the right place! :) (PS-That lady terrifies me too. I've NEVER seen anyone with skin like that, and I know some tanorexics!) Good luck!

  3. I got a spray tan done for my wedding and I loved it. I looked tan, it was quick and easy. I didn't turn out orange or anything like that. The only problem I had, is the tan rubbed off onto my dress around the armpit area. Otherwise it lasted for a couple weeks! I highly recommend.

  4. I totally feel you on the winter ugly syndrome! But okay Im going to save your life, go buy a bottle of the San tropez GRADUAL tanning mouse. I think it is called the "everyday" tanning mouse. I use it 2-3 times per week and it actually saves my life during the long sunless winter. Its about $35 for the bottle but it lasts a really long time. And since it is gradual you dont have to worry about using it once and looking orange or like a zebra. My skin get pretty light in the winter and it really works! Good luck!
    xo Dina

    Sweetest Somethings

  5. Ive gotten spray tans at Sunday's Blue Box and they are AWESOME!!!! I was nervous too but it really was great! Gradual and not orange and pretty cheap even if you aren't a member! Also if you're looking into a good lotion try Loreal Sublime Bronze! It comes in a lotion or towlette form! That's not orange either and the lotion is bronze colored so its basically streak proof! Just get the hubs to help put it on your back! Im not tanning anymore either so I will definitely be turning to the Sublime Bronze lotion and towlettes here soon, esp. to prep me for a bachelorette party at the end of April!

  6. Ok the best one I have come across for at home is the 60 minute tan by Fake Bake. If you buy it on Amazon it's like ridiculously cheap compared to buying it on their site. I like the 60 minute tan because you can do it during the day and don't have to sleep in it. I've seen amazing color from girls who do sleep in it, but I'm paranoid about leaving it on too long because I'm pregnant. I even got Ryan to use it because it is so natural looking, doesn't streak and doesn't look orange...I heard their Flawless can even give better color, but you are supposed to leave it on overnight. This works better that Sublime Bronze from L'Oreal (What I used to swear by) can streak or get orange sometimes if you aren't careful...

    I spray tanned at VersaSpa (i think) before the wedding. Great color and the best option if you need to do something TODAY!! I wasn't orange or looking fake at all (:

  7. The best self tanners I've used are Clarins & Victoria secrets self tanner. They are the only thing that goes on great and doesn't make me look like an oompah loompah.

  8. I do marketing for a chain of tanning salons..... GET A SPRAY TAN! You will be totally 100% addicted. Personally, I wouldn't do any at home stuff... Mystic / Versa Spa is where it's at! I get one at least once a week. Be sure to wash your hands right after you get out of the booth and you will love it!


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