Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I have a vegetarian baby

Truth. I think my baby is a vegetarian. This doesn't bother me except for the fact that I dont know very many recipes to keep her satisfied. 9 times out of ten that I offer her meat {unless it is Chick Fil A and even then she will only eat so much}, this is the reaction that I get...

Ok, not really, but she does turn her head and clamp her mouth closed. She will go to town on some fish, veggies and carbs though. To be honest, it doesnt completely surprise me. For one, I hated meat when I was pregnant with her. Like I probably ate meat less than a dozen times the whole ten months. And even now I'm still not a huge meat eater. Unless we're talking about Chick Fil A or seafood. Every once in a while I will get a hankering for a nice juicy steak, but it isnt very often. I dont eat ground beef at all. Most chicken meals I make are kind of carb and veggie heavy because I tend to fill up on more carbs + veggies than chicken. So maybe she kinda gets it from me. Maybe she will grow out of it. I dont know.

I do know that I am thankful for summer. With summer comes better fruits and veggies and much better seafood. So our options are about to expand. I do need to grow my vegetarian recipe collection though. Are any of yall vegetarians or know any super yummy meatless meals? I'm open to all suggestions.


I also wanted to introduce some of the fabulous ladies that have graced my sidebar this past month!

My sister from another mister, Ashley from It Is What You Make It

My favorite part about spring is the beautiful flowers that it brings out. People seem to start taking time to literally stop and smell the roses. I love seeing families out taking pictures in the bluebonnets that we have all along every road in Texas. 

My go to spring recipe or cocktail.....hmmmm good question.... I'll have to go with a mojito... I could sip them all day while sitting by the pool or the beach or on our boat. hehe 

My staple piece in my spring wardrobe are my fuschia pants or my white tops. I have an obsession with white tops and LOVE wearing them during spring with fun colors to spice it up a little. 

Kiersten from A Good Day Sunshine 

1) My favorite part of spring is that everything starts blooming again, and the snow finally melts.
   2) I know it's not really a recipe, but I seem to eat more fruit in the spring and summer.  I guess it's the warm weather.
   3) My spring wardrobe staple is Flip flops.  Everything else seems to change from year to year, but you'll always find at least a few pairs of flip flops in my closet.

Lacey from Charm and Sass

1) My favorite part of Spring is all of the festivals!
2) My favorite recipe is my mother in laws' noodle salad. No one makes it quite like her - it's so fresh and light. I can't get enough!
3) My Spring wardwrobe staple are my flip flops, but then again, they are always my staple piece :)



  1. I have the same issue with my son Mason (3). Last week I took him to his well check up and told the Dr. about how he NEVER eats meat and she said as long as he's getting the protein he needs from other sources it's ok, but that's just our pediatrician yours might advise other wise. Good luck with that it is a huge battle at our house :)

  2. I am terrified for the day when my baby starts eating food..... and WON'T eat it. Ah!
    And it's so weird how our bodies react to food when we are pregnant. I really couldn't care less for steak, I just don't like it. But when I was pregnant I could not. get. enough.


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