Monday, March 25, 2013

Bringing Sexy Back

This is my 100th post! Hooray! I'm super excited about this little blog of mine and this is a fun milestone for me.

Another milestone that I've reached is getting my body back post baby. Woo hoo for me. Brooklyn is one year and two weeks old, and I am officially 14 lbs lighter than I was when I got pregnant with her, and I am 9 lbs lighter than I was at my wedding. Now don't get it twisted, I am definitely not in the best shape of my life.

My body doesn't quite look like it did the last time that I was around this weight, and I was 19 in the top picture and 16 in the bottom one {and please excuse the horrible quality of a picture of a picture}. Things change when you have baby. Places stretch and widen. It ain't all fun and games. But I am working to get myself to a happy place with my new "mommy body".

So what am I doing? While I wish I could say that my eating habits have improved a lot, I simply cannot give up the sweets. I blame BK, because as soon as I got pregnant with her it was like I could not get enough sugar. I have rejoined my gym, but in full disclosure I have only been twice. Writing this post is meant to serve as further motivation, and so that y'all can help hold me accountable. I want to be toned by summer. I want abs, and chiseled arms, and I most definitely want to do something about my thunder thigh situation.

So this is me right now. My starting point.

I'll share my results after 8 weeks. But I would love to hear how you ladies keep fit. What are you tips and tricks for the gym? What are your favorite healthy meals?





  1. BTW I think you look great! One thing that I do before going to the gym or working out is drink vanilla whey protein with milk (I use almond milk):) I am not in thee best shape but I have noticed that when I drink it consistently I am more energetic before work outs and my muscles are more toned. Its important to make sure you get enough protein before and after you work out because it helps metabolize your fat. I do other things too... With sweets and stuff ... the biggest thing to do is portion control :) swearing off stuff like that will just make you want it more or maybe its just me who thinks like that.

    Good luck!

  2. Hot mama! I know what you mean, I weigh less now than before my babies but my body....oh the shame. Stretch marks and less than perky boobs galore. I'm hoping as little man gets older I'll have more time to devote to getting myself in shape.

  3. You are looking good gal. I'm still packing baby weight around from my first child (who is now 14) not to mention Baby weight from child two and three. I'm 34 now though so I figure it's probably there to stay.

    Keep up the good work friend :)

  4. You look good! I eat so much more sweets after having my baby too! Don;t know if your breast feeding or not but they say it lowers your blood sugar and makes you crave I really do blame my son haha

  5. I think you look awesome! Something that has helped me recently with my sweet tooth was dark chocolate (like quality dark chocolate) and lots of fruit! I have a lot of weight to lose though so, it is definitely a process but it is doable no matter the level!

  6. Oh my goodness! You look great! To be honest with you, I'm petrified of losing the baby weight. I know that sounds really vain, but I am. I think the whole gaining weight thing is what scares me most about pregnancy.

    I think having a routine is the most important thing whether you're trying to lose weight or tone up. I work out at the gym three times a week (I work my abs, upper body and glutes) and then I run 4-5 days a week. I also do ab work most days. I usually only take one true rest day.

    This sounds crazy, but one thing that has helped me get my arms toned to where I want them to be is doing push ups. I do 10 push ups an hour at work each day. It doesn't seem like much, but it's made a difference.

    As far as eating goes, I only drink soft drinks (Coke or Dr. Pepper) maybe once a week if that. The one habit I can't kick is sweet tea, but it's in its own food category in the South. I try to limit myself to only having it once or twice a week when I eat out and drink water otherwise. I'm trying to cut out most processed foods and fast foods and cook at home. I think the biggest thing is to not deprive yourself of things. If I'm craving chocolate, I have a piece and if I want a Coke, I drink one. Allowing myself to have things when I'm craving them makes it easier to eat healthy most of the time.

    If you ever need any advice on running, ask away! That's my favorite thing.


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