Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog

This is just a life dump post, it's confessions, and stories, and about as put together as our life has been for the past week and a half. So I think it's only fair that I link up with the beautiful Mrs. Shanna for Random Wednesdays.

I feel like I could sleep for a week. Actually, I could go comatose for a week and that would be even better. But the last visitor has left, and our house has returned to some semblance of normalcy. Which really means yes the presents are unwrapped - no the presents aren't put away or even fully put together. The guest room is still full of stuff that needs to go back down to the playroom. My laundry that needs to be folded is on the rocker in the nursery. And the garbage man is going to hate his pick up at our house on Thursday. But, you know, we're getting there.

It was all worth it, oh man was it worth it. Brooklyn had the time of her life, mama actually got to enjoy a party for once, and it was exactly as I hoped it would turn out for her. I cant wait to get the pictures back and give y'all a full party run down.

Spring is gradually starting to make an appearance. I wont lie, I would prefer to bulrush spring and hold it captive so that it has to corroborate. Unfortunately life doesnt work that way. 

I was so focused on BK's birthday that forgot Easter was a mere two weeks later. Now I'm scrambling to find and book a hotel in DC, so we can kill two birds with one stone by going to the Cherry Blossom Festival and attending Easter Mass at the National Cathedral. Any suggestions lovely readers? I know a lot of yall live close to the NoVa area. 

Brooklyn Grace got like 4 of the same toy. Here's to hoping for good customer service reps when I attempt to exchange them.

All the girl scout cookies in our house are gone. I have to say, it's ok. They were delicious while they lasted but it's time to get svelte, and cookies are not my friend. 

My lifelong best friend is heading out on an amazing trip Thursday. She's first going to Bali and then Thailand. She'll be gone two weeks, I know she will live a dream of hers. I'm so excited {also a bit nervous I wont lie}. But will you please keep her and her traveling companion in your prayers if you think of it? 

Also, my old trusty Ford Explorer is in the land of not quite dead and not quite living. Thank the good Lord above that my husband has been able to fix most big issues, but needless to say we're on the hunt for a new car for me. We're thinking an SUV still, but one that has 3rd row seating. Do you have a car with 3rd row seating? Do you love it? 

okok, I'm done rambling. Dont forget to enter the Vino2go giveaway too! Only 2 days left. 



  1. The GS cookies in our house did not last a week! And I am so jealous of your friends trip! It sounds wonderful!

    P.S. Your gift card is in the mail! FINALLY!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time but its always nice to get back into routine! Good luck on your hotel hunt!

  3. I will be in DC for Easter too and you are going to have a GREAT time!

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  4. I'm with you on the sleep thing. I could really sleep for a year, I think, if given the chance!


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  5. It's so funny that you mentioned the bit about your Ford Explorer! We just traded our Ford Explorer in on a Toyota Rav4 last June! It has a V6 engine (so not QUITE as powerful as the V8 we had in the Explorer, but still substantial enough for our needs) AND a third-row seat (which they just started offering in models last year)! We LOVE it... would be worth taking a look at! Also, we got ours when they were running a 0% financing option, not sure what kind of specials they are currently running though! Good Luck! :)

  6. hey Brandi! Anyone ever say you talk to much? hahahahaha. I'm your newest follower. I'll come back and read this later. I am hustling at this blog hop, mahn. {#222} see ya later, alligator.


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