Friday, April 26, 2013

Guest Room Makeover

My bestie is coming into town in four weeks! They will surely be the longest four weeks ever, but I am going to utilize every single second to prepare... My liver the guest room. I've wanted to make it over for a while now, but this is finally giving me the push that I need. Ideally I would paint the room, but S might murder me if I ask him to repaint, so I'm just going to have do some furniture and bedding changes. I want to the make the room super warm and inviting.

In a perfect world I would be able to replace the actual bed in there. I want this one from Ikea
But if that isn't in the cards then I at least plan on doing this

guest bedroom makeover

I'm super excited for Kay to get here, but I'm thankful to have a project to tackle and keep me occupied until it's time.

What do you think is important in a guest room? What makes you feel most comfortable when you visit someone?


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  1. I love that bed and all of that decor!!! Our "guest" room is Bubba's room until we get a bigger house hahaha soooo I hope our guests like alligators ;)

  2. Love the Ferris wheel painting. I think any guest would feel welcome in a room like that.

  3. I am so jealous of her trip! The three of us need to get together at some point this year <3

  4. I love your inspiration!!! I wanna live in that room. ;-)

  5. I am super jealous! I miss my BFF Something crazy! There is NOTHING quite as fun as decorating though, and these are some cute things to dream of!

  6. aww have so much fun with your bestie!! that sounds amazing!!

  7. cute! sounds fun! i have been wanting a guest room too, but we don't get enough overnight guests to give me the motivation :) can't wait to see the finished product!

  8. I LOVE that lamp, and that comforter!!! DIE! Cant wait to see it all done

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