Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Can't Believe

I'm super excited to link up with the fabulous Robin for this week's...

First off, I can't believe  that it is already April? How are we four months into the year?!? I feel like 2013 just started.

I can't believe that I actually went through with my spray tan. I was beyond nervous. But Y'all I have to preach the fabulous ways of the Versa tan. I mean check out this "unnatural" glow I have working for me. Plus it was SOO easy.

I can't believe that mine and S's two year wedding anniversary is next Tuesday! Where has all the time gone. And can we go back to Mexico asap?

I can't believe that I am surrounded by so many talented people. My husband and baby are both on teh genius level. My bff Kay is the best writer and oh so stylish. My bff Lauren just got back from the most amazing trip has the best heart. My other bff Brea is uber talented in the photography department. My brother and sister are the cutest musical duo ever. And I could go on and on from cakes to more photography and more photography. Now if only I could find my nichè within the event planning world or someone who would give me a chance. Or better yet, lets make this writing passion of mine a full time gig!

I can't believe that I still havent been to the gym. BOOO me!

And finally, I can't believe that I am actually considering tackling a garage sale this weekend! I need to spring clean though!


  1. Hmm perhaps I need a Versa tan, too! I've always been terrified of getting one and being a streaky mess, but I obviously trust you and anything you say :)

    Have a great week! Love you lots.

  2. Awh time does go by so fast! My son is going to be one in May... and here comes the tears.
    I'm so white, maybe a spray tan is going to be in my future. Need to do something about this paleness.

  3. Yay! I'm so glad the spray tan worked!

    .... and if you ask me, the spray tan should get you out of the gym for at least a week! You don't want to ruin what you purchased or anything! :)

  4. I can't believe how quickly 2013 is going by either. It's unreal
    Good luck with the garage sale. I used to have them all the time but they are so much work!

  5. LOVE the Versa Spa! And ugh I wish I had a full time writing job too.. I write enough, wish it were paid lol and event planning would be my dream job too... perhaps we should start a biz!


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