Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Bucket List

Spring has finally sprung in Virginia and our little family is more than excited. Yesterday we spent the day at the beach, and then had a super delicious meal al fresco. It got me to thinking about what else I want to do while the weather is in the perfect phase. You know the place where it's warm but it isn't miserable outside, before all the pollen starts falling and everyone's allergies are acting up, the place where you have to drag yourself inside at the end of the day. So I created a little bucket list...

1) Have a picnic
Like a legit picnic with a basket, wine, and super yummy food.
2) Coordinate a wedding
I truly want to have a career in events so I am working towards that goal.
3) Visit the botanical gardens
The botanical gardens in our area is gorgeous, and they have a super fabulous kids area. I plan to make full use of this gem.
4) Go on a bike ride at the beach
Stephen and I used to do this all the time, but we havent gone on a beach bike ride in like 2 years. I want a new cruiser too {a pink one} and we have to order a little trailer for BK to sit in. 
5) Host a dinner party
A fun & fancy adult dinner party. Like bust out the china and get a sitter for BK kind of dinner party. How dreamy would it be to have one on the beach?

What do you want to do this spring? Any suggestions to add to my list? 


  1. I am totally with you in the planning of events. I actually finally signed up for a home study course to get a good knowledge base. Good luck :) And I would love to have a picnic too.

  2. Loving the bucket list!!! I want to do a full blown picnic too! And that dinner party sounds very Real Houswives! You know I loooove that!

  3. I definitely have picnics on my bucket list! If this weekend is nice, then it will definitely be our first this season!


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