Monday, June 24, 2013

Strawberry Papaya Margarita Escape

Since S is gone for work the baby and I are pretty much siamese twins lately, and while she is my very best friend and my mini me, we both bask in the time that we are in the company of others. She is such a social baby, and having her cooped up in the house all day seeing no one but me for days on end is definitely not her idea of a good time. So we've been doing fun things: trips to the park, trips to the splash pad, beach visits, lunch dates, and even a slumber party with our best friends.

But on those days where it is just the two of us, and rain or 100 degree temperatures keep us trapped in doors, this mama needs an escape. Now it's not like I can hop in the car and head to the beach for a cocktail, but I do create my own mini oasis. I don my favorite pajamas, head downstairs, light some candles, fire up the DVR, and make myself an adult beverage. It is my own little oasis.

While at Whole Foods a last weekend I saw a tub of lime and papaya. I had never had papaya but I figured I would branch out and try something new. *Side note- papaya is not super yummy just by itself*. But I had to figure out something to do with it, so I created a delicious margarita.

Strawberry Papaya Margarita
1 peeled papaya (I assume thats how much was in a small Whole Foods tub)
2 limes (just the juice)
6 strawberries
1 cup lemon-limeaid (I use Califa brand)
handful of ice cubes
1/2 cup tequilla

Add the papaya, lime, strawberries, lemon-limeaid, and ice to a blender. Puree until smooth. Pour mixture into your glass and add tequila. Top off with an extra splash of the lemon-limeaid to get drink to your preferred consistency. It is delicious y'all, I promise!


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  1. We all have to have an escape!
    That sounds like a nice cocktail! I'm going to have to give it a try.

  2. That sounds delish! Can't wait to try it!

  3. I actually love to eat papaya by itself. If you find a ripe, juicy one. My roommate from college introduced me to it when I went to visit her in Hawaii one winter break. Of course, I've never had a papaya quite like the one I tried there haha I have some frozen papaya, maybe I will try this.

  4. UMMM looks so good! I may be trying this sans alcohol :) Thanks friend!

  5. YUUUUM! and what a cute mason jar! i saw blue ones at Target the other day and wanted to buy them (obviously was only there to buy band-aids and ended up with a new swim cover-up, a cute mug, and almost some mason jars - aah Target). Xo


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