Monday, June 17, 2013

Love is love

Dear Baby-

This summer has been just magical so far. You have grown and blossomed, your personality has just exploded. One trait that I have noticed that you most definitely got from me is the way that you love. You love fiercely and with abandon, you love with your whole tiny soul and you do not hold back. Kisses come freely and your hugs are so tight and sweet, you dole them out to anyone and everyone whether it is mommy and daddy or a random child at the park. It makes me so proud to see how sweet of a girl you are. But I also worry, because I know that with that much love to give comes so many extra chances at heart break. I pray that you never, ever have your tender heart broken. I will do anything in my power to keep your heart as safe as possible, but I know that you also have to live and take your own chances.

Since I cannot promise you that you will never experience heartbreak, I can promise you this Brooklyn Grace. I promise that you are free to love and cherish whomever you please. You may love a man or a woman. You may love someone who is black, white, purple, or any other color of the rainbow. I don't care if they are from ten or ten thousand miles away. I don't care if they are a lawyer, a teacher, or the trash man. Every one on this Earth is deservant of love, and whoever is so blessed to win your heart will most definitely win ours. Love in our family has absolutely no limits or boundaries, so please never fear bringing someone you love home to your mama and daddy. I promise that they will be welcome with open arms. {Though daddy doesn't plan on you dating until you are 28 he will be receptive none the less}. We don't expect them to be perfect, or for y'all to never fight. Sometimes relationships are not easy, every one experiences growing pains. All that we ask of them is that they love you as fiercely and passionately as you deserve. That they respect you, that they are two hundred percent devoted to you, that they make you laugh, that they want to go on adventures with you, and most of all that they make you happy. Because that is what every parent wants for their child above all, their happiness.

I love you so much Brooklyn Grace. Thank you for letting me be your mama.

Also - *Single parenting* is freaking hard. Serious props to all those single parents out there. Whether it's military spouses holding down the home front or just a solo parent situation, you rock! Brooklyn is seriously keeping me on my toes with Stephen gone, throw in some molars coming in and welcome to my shit show, and by the time that she lays down all I want to do is grab the bottle of wine and lose brain cells to trashy tv. So my whole return to blogging thing did not go as well as I would've hoped last week, but I'm trying and thats what counts right?!


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  1. I love this sweet post my beautiful friend. Your love for BK shines through. I miss you.

  2. So, so sweet! You are a great mama! Keep it up. And I feel you on the molars thing, by the end of the day I am exhausted! Just remember, they don't teethe for forever. :o)

  3. I want that baby!! She's so precious and you're such a great mommy :) Being alone is no fun though.. Hope you catch a break soon mama! Xoxo

  4. Such a beautiful letter to your sweet girl! :)


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