Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Perfect Summer Picnic

There are 12 more days until Stephen gets home. Don't worry I'm not counting down hours and minutes... yet. But I am planning {many, many} dates for his return. One that I am super excited about is a picnic. I just bought our family a membership to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, and while the baby girl and I are making super use of the children's splash pad during the day, I cannot wait to have a super romantic evening there with the hubs. I have it all planned out, down to my outfit. Though I had to get creative with the menu because S doesnt eat sandwiches. 

summer date

What do y'all pack for picnics?


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  1. So super cute! My hubs doesn't eat sandwiches either, so I'd probably have to pack hot dogs, chips and sour cream dip (Kroger brand only!), and Bud Light for our picnic! MEN! LOL! Looks like a fabulous place! I know you're so ready for him to come home!

  2. That's so wonderful that your hubby's coming home soon! :-) I really hope you enjoy your dates. :-)

  3. Pasta salad is one of my favorite picnic meals! Easy to prep in advance, can add in meat for hubs, and eat it right out of the container :) Hope you have a great date night!

  4. My husband could live off of sandwiches! haha How about fried chicken?


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