Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Do NOT Sext your father in law...

My husband has been gone for nine days. Now don't get me wrong, to many, many admirable couples, nine days of separation is nothing. I mean really its the equivalent of  a Spring Break vacation with a hangover on either side.

However to me. To me it's long, it's cold, and its damn lonely. I have a teething toddler damnit! And she's getting molars at that. So there are my excuses and this is the result.... I SEXT my father in law. Yes you read that right. Now go say a prayer for me. No really, do it.

This is a snippet of what my phone book looks like. I thought I was being "grown and mature" just using everyone's first and last names, whelp obviously I need to be a little less mature and embrace nicknames more.

See how I could accidentally send a text mentioning solo shower activities to the man above my husband? His name is right above, and damn that autotext prediction. I mean i guess better to him than a girl that babysat for us maybe twice. Especially when I'd already begun said "solo activities" and they would be best performed without the phone.

Well damn me and my need for speed. I waited nine days before taking matters into my own hands {literally}. Nine more minutes of carefully placed texting wouldn't have killed anything, though those few short minutes did manage to destroy my pride.

I died. Part of me died right there.

So now that I've learned that "sexting" is out, any ideas on how to keep the spice alive in my relationship? Buehler? Anyone? Anyone?


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  1. Don't sweat it, it happens to the best of us. Just look at it this way, at least you've got the awkward sexting fiasco out of the way, and you can all go on with your lives ;D

  2. Literally laughing out loud in the middle of my living room right now while everyone tries to sleep. I can't even imagine...

  3. oh my!! you poor thing!
    no picture is showing up in this post for me but i can only imagine!

  4. Oh no!!! Don't swear it though I'm sure your father in law is happy you are treating his son so well! Lol

  5. I am dying for you right now! I go through this inner battle every time my husband is out of town because my husband and father in law...HAVE THE SAME NAME. I check and double check and often triple and quadruple check before sending anything scandalous because this would happen to me. Hopefully your father in law has a sense of humor!

  6. Ahhh!!!! Omg I would have wanted to die too, I am praying as we speak! Haha

  7. Oh my word, I would've died too. But hopefully your father in law has a good sense of humor. too funny and even more props for you to share it on here ha

  8. I am literally laughing out loud at this post cause that is something I would totally accidentally do! Bless your heart!

    Buy I'm with ya - nine days is a longggg time!!

  9. That is HYSTERICAL and something I would absolutely do!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  10. OH MY GOSHHHHHHHH! I just laughed so hard.

  11. OMG, this just totally made my day! You are so dang funny, yet I would be totally embarrassed too! Although, my FIL is pretty cool, and who knows what his response might be, he might respond right back! Scary right?! LOL! Speaking from a girl that did long distance for way too long, and also has a hubby that travels for work sometimes, sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do! Hey, at least you learned a lesson to be more careful, right?! Don't let it ruin your fun! ;o)

  12. Oh my gosh! I can't even imagine! You poor thing! Did your FIL text you back? That's so funny!


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