Friday, May 3, 2013

Summer Beauty Essentials + A Giveaway

The weather is changing, and as a result so is my beauty regime. I have super dry skin, so when the weather gets warm I have to keep it {and myself} as hydrated as possible. Not only do I wear less clothing during summer months, but I wear less makeup as well. My summer beauty products are a bit different than my winter ones. Here are my warm weather go tos:

summer beauty

-Chapstick! Ack, I die without it. Like my lips get sunburned and peel. Sometimes they resemble the black death. It's gross but true. This lemon Eos is my jam.
-Moisturizer. I still use my old faithful Clinique. I've been using it since high school, but why mess with what works right? It doesn't irritate my skin and it keeps me nice and hydrated.
- Blush. This and mascara are pretty much the only makeup that touch my face from May to October. I love Office Hours by MAC so so much. It is peachy and a bit shimmery and absolute perfection with a tan.
-Perfume. It's hot outside = sweaty people. Need I say more?
-Moroccan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner. The perfect product to keep my ocean and pool affected hair from turning into a monstrous affro. Fact.

Do y'all change your beauty products with the seasons?

And in honor of beauty products I have a super sweet giveaway. My friend Meghan is a Perfectly Posh consultant, and sent me some fabulous products to try out. I had never heard of them, but I quickly fell in love. Their bath bombs rival Lush for half the price, and their soaps smell heavenly. But the product I loved the most were the face masks. They arent your typical mask where you slather it on your face and have to wipe it off. It resembles a baby wipe in texture and has eyes, nose, and mouth holes and you lay it on your face. Works just as well {if not better} but you dont have to deal with the mess! Today I'm giving away two! Enter below to win!


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  1. My favorite beauty product is probably anything that makes my face feel clean and smooth. It makes me feel like I'm ready to start the day!

  2. rimmel is my fav product. i cant leave my house without it


  3. I don't change anything too drastically from seasons...but I choose lighter products such as moisturizer and makeup!

  4. The Sugar Fix Scrub sounds amazing! I've never tried these products before but I sure will now, thanks for sharing!

  5. My favorite product is flat iron spray. It makes my hair straight and glossy!

  6. My fave product is tinted brow gel. Without it, my brows are invisible; not a good look for anyone.

  7. My favorite beauty product at the moment is a seaweed exfoliator from The Body Shop - found here:

    It works so well with my combination skin!

  8. I use stronger deodorant in the summer. Natural stuff just doesn't work as well when it's super hot out!

  9. I have super dry skin too! I love MAC blushes! My fave for summer is Well Dressed!

  10. Burt's Bees Chapstick... seriously, I always have a tube or two with me at all times :)

  11. I absolutely cannot live without Bare Minerals!


  12. Wish I had the money to change my products seasonally! Def love my Juicy perfume year round...that is a goodie.

  13. I love my shampoo and conditioner--paul mitchell tea tree :)


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