Friday, May 3, 2013

So You Had a Baby... Now What

I'm linking up with the fabulous Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals for part of her baby series. 

Today they're discussing bringing a baby home and surviving the first few weeks. We got discharged from the hospital on a Friday, Brooklyn was two days old. 

Our first weekend home was actually really nice. My dad and Stephen's mom both brought food, and Stephen was home with me as we got acclimated to being a family of three. Then Monday came and S had to go back to work. I was terrified. I was also sick. I had ten long months to get accustomed to the idea that I was having a baby, but now I had no idea what in the hell I was supposed to do. Here are my tips for your first few weeks at home.

-Relax. It is scary knowing that you are in sole control over the precious life of your little one, but I promise that it will all be ok. Take a deep breath. Take it moment by moment. Your mama intuition will kick in and you will know what to do.
-Process. Having a baby is a massive life change, give yourself some time to take it all in. You might have some baby blues, you will d.e.f.i.n.i.t.e.l.y. be emotional. All of that is totally normal.
-Create a routine. Initially baby will sleep a LOT. Maybe you will nap some, maybe you won't {it's ok if you do though}. You can get yourself into a routine even if baby isn't. Blog during the first nap, prep dinner during the second. Set yourself up for some future normalcy.
-Enjoy. Babies grow so so so fast. Treasure every coo, every gassy smile, every tiny cry. You will blink and your baby will have changed tremendously. So it's ok if you sit on the couch and watch tv just holding your baby for hours. It's ok if some days you dont shower until your husband gets home. Time goes all too quickly, enjoy this while you can.

Most of all just know that whatever you're doing is okay. The first few days I was in shock, and I cried a.lot. I cried over how blessed I was, I cried over how beautiful my daughter was, I cried because I scared. I cried over everything. Eventually my shock went away, I felt more in control and I was able to venture out. Just know that every baby and every mama is different, so take things as they come for you. Your baby will just be happy having you there.


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  1. Awww man she is do stinkin cute and little!

  2. I think i will be so excited for her to come and then once she gets home I will freak out lol

  3. I do not have a baby but these tips make it seem more manageable!

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  4. Awww, so so cute :)
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  5. The "enjoy" tip is a big one for sure. You can just never truly understand how fast little ones grow up until you have one of your own- soak in those moments! Its crazy to think of where our girls were just a year ago....and teeny tiny BK in her swing, SO.CUTE!

  6. I love this! I'm expecting my first baby in September and even though I've babysat and was a Nanny for years, taking care of a brand new baby all day and all night is a lot to wrap my head around! I'm a new follower from Britt's guest post!


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