Monday, August 5, 2013

Good Things Come to Those That Hustle

Tomorrow starts a crazy busy week for me, like insane.  So in honor of my fab hustle I framed this little gem for my desk. Just for work I have five meetings in three days. Great for business, not so good for my eating and sleeping habits. Plus I have two doctors appointments, a play date for BK, S has big project at work and will likely be pulling a 70 hour work week, a family beach day, the Cox cable guy is coming so we will finally have reliable internet and a Pure Barre workshop. Needless to say I am needing to micromanage about every second of this week, so I treated myself to a super fun little planner. I'm super excited about it, and really isnt it adorable?

Since we knew that our week was going to be pretty wild we wanted to really enjoy our weekend. And that we did. There was a long family walk and along the way BK fell asleep in her little car.

There was a girl's night out for me on Friday. Though we aren't sharing any photos from that night for plausible deniability. There was a date night for the hubs and I, which included the movies + shopping + fantastic sushi + too many drinks with friends we havent seen in far too long + possibly getting kicked out asked very nicely to leave an establishment due to dancing on tables.

And at the end of it all we got home and someone woke up to eat some cheesy fiesta potatoes with mama and dada before an amazing snuggle session. 

Now I have to straighten the house because I know I wont be doing much of it the next few days, cook some yummy salmon for dinner, and relax with a good book while the baby finishes her nap. 

How do y'all survive and unwind from a super busy week? 


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  1. that planner is so cute....I have tons of planners though that I have yet to write in. lol

  2. Love that planner and so excited for you!! We need to catch up missy!

    And dancing on tables? We really are soul mates...

  3. Oh wow, you do have a busy week this week! Hope it goes smoothly. I love the new planner. I need to pick me up one. Mine right now is ugly and purple, no fun at all!

    I love that pic of her asleep in her car..too precious

    Any weekend that includes dancing on tables is a good one!!!

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